Artist Statement

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     My role as a mother and activist is naturally a part of current works. In the States, we are living during an intense political, social, and environmental time in history. It is a time when truth is buried and confused divisiveness is leading the masses. It’s a time to create, share, and gather. It’s a time to spark conversation and build community. It is a time of great change. I hope that wisdom will prevail.

     I seek the truth. My work is dissected in every way imaginable, creating a multitude of scenarios rife with history and personal experience. It can be beautiful or grotesque. Subject matter dictates the outcome. I enjoy working in various media and use each as needed to present the thoughts bursting at the seam. Emotions and ideas need various outlets in order to come to fruition. 

          Whether performance or visual, it must matter to humanity and be socially aware. I create art that is honest and subconsciously full of the richness of my life experiences. It is representative of the current times while nodding to all that my knowledge would equate as a predecessor.

          Life is continuously ebbing and flowing with change and growth. My work is representative of time and place. It changes with me. It’s deeply personal and mindful of the natural environment. Human experience is always at the forefront and I hope to benefit that in some small way. I want to create conversation and spark the mind. There is both a personal and public experience in the smallest of moments. I hope that my work helps bring about movements of change and thought.